Last Sunday’s Bible Talk


The Big Story

Matthew 1:1-19

Pastor Billy Daughtery

March 4, 2018




  • Life Changing Stories
  • Same Old Stories
  • An Old Forgotten Story
  • Family Stories
  • Four Scandalous Women Stories
  • Another Scandalous Woman Story?
  • Joseph, A God’s Man Story


We The People…

February 25, 2018

Pastor Billy Daugherty



Audio Only 

Luke 2:1-20

  • Too Bad or Too Good?
  • I Love That Story!
  • True Story
  • Telling Stories
  • Spinning Stories
  • There Was PLENTY of Time!
  • Where Was the Manger?
  • What Was the Inn?
  • Royals in the Commons!
  • God of the Common Man


God Meeting

Pastor:  Billy Daugherty

February 18, 2018

Mark’s Witnesses




  • Straight Out Of Prophet-Town!
  • Son!
  • The KOG is Here!
  • All Authority!
  • Son, Your Sins Are Forgiven!
  • Daughter, Arise From the Dead!
  • Where is Your Heart?
  • Death and Resurrection is Coming!
  • Where is Your Heart?
  • The Slings and Arrows of Outrage
  • Dead.  Not Dead?  Did He Build A Temple?